Agritech Partner - Patnakart Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd.

Abhinav Das
Founder (Patnakart)

  • PatnaKart is a curated marketplace that sells agro & sustainable products from marginalised farmers and small entrepreneurs across the state and helps users switch to a cleaner, safer, healthier and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Patnakart aims to make our food systems more sustainable which depends on innovative tools and approaches.
  • To be economically sustainable, these innovations must provide incomes and create jobs.

India’s agriculture sector, which employs more than half of India’s overall population, has been facing a crisis on many fronts, more so because of Pandemic, farmers and rural entrepreneurs needed a boost, a motivation from somewhere. While growing up I saw farmers in my locality are struggling to sell their produce in the market.

Apart from this, there were other challenges troubling farmers like arranging logistics, finding buyers, and getting the right prices. The urge became my motivation to look for solutions. I also realized that there were many services delivering products to the doorstep of customers in metros, but there was no such service for farmers in Bihar. With an aim to bridge this gap and get farmers a fair price for their produce by eliminating middlemen, I started PatnaKart during Covid 19 Pandemic in May 2020.

Our startup has developed a tech-driven solution to build a sustainable supply chain for fruits, vegetables and other agro based produce. PatnaKart has established technology-driven procurement centre at Karai villages near Bihta from where it collects the produce. The farmers have to register with PatnaKart through Kisan connect programme and give informations about their produce to PatnaKart executive. PatnKart later does a customised sorting, grading, and packaging to maintain the quality. The startup then uses its tech-enabled logistics and delivers the produce to customers for free of cost.

The company is currently working towards scaling its procurement centre in more villages and is also building a price prediction model at the supply side for the farmers, for which the company will expand its technology team.We are building farm to business supply chain through an integrated network of mobile App. We are focused to build strong technology to create more efficient supply chain.